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Jorge Guzman

Gantcher Associate Professor of Business
Columbia University

Affiliations: NBER, J-PAL


(all co-authorships are listed alphabetically)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Where is Silicon Valley?

    Guzman, J and S Stern. 2015.

    Science. 347(6222): 606-609 (link)


2. Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship.

    Guzman, J and A Kacperczyk. 2019.   

    Research Policy. 48 (9): 1666-1680. (link)

3. The State of American Entrepreneurship? New Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship for

    32 US States, 1988-2014

     Guzman, J and S Stern. 2020.

    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 12 (4): 212-43 (link)

4. The Impact of State-Level R&D Tax Credits on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship

     Fazio, C, J Guzman and S Stern. 2020.    

    Economic Development Quarterly. 34(2):188-208. (link

5. What Motivates Innovative Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Global Field Experiment.

     Guzman, J, J Oh and A Sen. 2020.

    Management Science. 66 (10): 4808-19. (link

6.  The Startup Cartography Project: Measuring and Mapping Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

     Andrews, RJ, C Fazio, Y Liu, J Guzman, and S Stern. 2022.

     Research Policy. 51 (2). (link)

7. What is the U.S. Comparative Advantage in Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Israeli Migrations to the United States.

     Conti, A, and J Guzman. 2023.

    The Review of Economics and Statistics. 105 (3): 528-544. (link)

8.  Measuring Founding Strategy

     Guzman, J, and A Li. 2023.

     Management Science. 69 (1): 101-18. (link) (appendix)

9. Climate Change Framing and Innovator Attention: Evidence from an Email Field Experiment

      Guzman, J, J Oh, and A Sen. 2023.

      Proceedings National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 120 (3). (link)

10. The Direct Effect of Corporate Law on Entrepreneurship. 

      Guzman, J. 2023.

    The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations. forthcoming (link)

11. Go West Young Firm: The Impact of Startup Migration on the Performance of Migrants

     Guzman, J. 2023. 

     Management Science. forthcoming (link)

12. Entrepreneurial Migration.

      Bryan, K, and J Guzman. 2023.

      The Review of Economics and Statistics. Cond. accepted (link)

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

13. A New View of the Skew: A Quantitative Assessment of the Quality of American Entrepreneurship.

      Fazio, C, J Guzman, F Murray and S Stern. 2016.

      MIT Innovation Initiative Laboratory for Innovation Science and Policy. Policy Report

14. Nowcasting and Placecasting Entrepreneurial Quality and Performance.

      Guzman, J and S Stern. 2017.

     in NBER Volume on Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges. (link)

15. Refugee Entrepreneurship: The Case of Venezuelans in Colombia

     Bahar, D, B Cowgill, and J Guzman. 2023.

 American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings 133: 352-56 (link

16. Accelerating Innovation Ecosystems: The Promise and Challenges of Regional Innovation Engine

       Guzman, J, F Murray, S Stern, and H Williams. 2023. 

       NBER Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy and the Economy, Vol. 3 (link)  (3-page summary)


Working Papers

Revise & Resubmit

17. Partisan Entrepreneurship

      Engelberg, J, J Guzman, R Liu, and W Mullins. 2021.

      Revise & Resubmit at The Journal of Finance. (link)

18. The Compositions and Dynamics of Technology-Enabled Entrepreneurship

      Colaiacovo, I, D Gross, and J Guzman. 2023.

      Revise & Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal. (link)

 Working Papers

19. How is COVID Changing the Geography of Entrepreneurship? Evidence from the Startup Cartography Project 

      Fazio, C, J Guzman, Y Liu, and S Stern. 2021. (link)

20. Treatment Effects in Strategic Management

      Guzman, J. 2021. (link)

21.  The Impact of High Skilled Immigration on Regional Entrepreneurship.

       Guzman, J, I Tareque, and Dan Wang. 2022.(link)

22. Legalizing Entrepreneurship

       Bahar, Dany, Bo Cowgill, and Jorge Guzman. 2022.   (link)

23. Incentivizing Innovation in Open Source: Evidence from the GitHub Sponsors Program

      Conti, Annamaria, Vansh Gupta, Jorge Guzman, and Maria Roche. 2023. (link)

 Inactive Working Papers

24. Passive Versus Active Growth: Evidence from Founder Choices and Venture Capital Investment.

      Catalini, C, J Guzman and S Stern. 2019. (link)

25. Short Term Credit Costs and U.S. Entrepreneurship. 

      Guzman, J, and Y Liu. 2020. (link)

26. Herding in the Market for Startup Acquisitions.

      Conti, A, J Guzman, and R Rabi. 2020. (link)

The Startup Cartography Project

joint with RJ Andrews, Catherine Fazio, Yupeng Liu, and Scott Stern.


Project Description

This project leverages population-level business registration records and predictive analytics to form novel measures of entrepreneurial quantity, quality and performance at an arbitrary level of geographic and temporal granularity.  The purpose of this website is to provide a public access interactive website, data repository, and research archive that makes this work accessible to researchers, public and private sector analysts, and the public.    The website tools are designed to facilitate detailed visualization of entrepreneurial ecosystems (at multiple levels of visualization), track entrepreneurial dynamics over time, and provide data that might be applicable to a wide range of research and policy purposes.

Visit us at:


For code and a few links, please visit my code page (and Github account)

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